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 Safety Guidelines for  In-Person Gatherings or Events

Since COVID-19 restrictions began in March, we have put safety first and prioritized adhering to all official guidance from our city and state officials. We are flexible and understand that our plan may change at anytime based on official guidance and we are ready for when it does. We want to freely worship God and exist in community with passion, organization and continuity, despite the changes. We are choosing to operate with bold faith and practical wisdom in this season. Faith and wisdom have to conflict with  one another. We will continue to trust God for supernatural things, while also respecting the wise counsel of our local authorities. This is our community stance. Our church will continue to operate in-person, until we feel led otherwise.
It is safe to attend our in-person service. When you do, please follow these guidelines:

Wear  A Mask

Please wear your mask to church


 Stations throughout the building

Social Distance 

Stay 6-ft apart from those not in your pod


Safety signs posted as helpful reminders

Shorter Service

1.5 hour service

Safety Team

Team committed to keep you safe

Impact Kids Ministry 

Sundays at 11am

Baptism Sundays 

Join us to celebrate the life of new believers or sign up to get baptized:
January 24th at 11am ,  May 23 at 11am,   September 26th

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Impact Center  is a  church community of Impact Makers who exist to bring wholistic transformation to people and communities through Christ. This is a place where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory.  Everyone is welcome! Join us for Sunday service in person or online.

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